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willjones's Journal

William Jones
25 June 1979
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Still an Inland Empire resident and lurking fantasy writer trying to flush out his muse. Some would call me a geek, and I would say "yeah". Some would say I have no life and I would ask "what is it about your life that makes it so much better?" Being a sport nut and having sex fall in their lap is their usual answer, but to me that's about as fake as any nerd gamer that can ever be found in their mom's basement.

I'm a graduate from Eastern Washington University with a BS in Computer Science and I'm now working for a Software Testing Contractor called Critical Logic. It's a great job, really flexible, and I can wear shorts to work on hot days. I can also work from home if I need to as well. Very nice. Currently I live alone in an apartment, I have a car, I can get around easy enough, but that's the thing... Living alone is really starting to suck. I would like someone to share it with.